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Nov. 22, 2014—Nyack, NY

There are few things louder than a bus full of twenty teenagers. Except, that is, when someone sets off the bus' emergency alarm.

The Ellis High School hikers discovered this on November 22nd, when, halfway through the drive to Hook Mountain, the bus hit a bump that set off the alarm. For the next fifteen minutes, volunteers and students alike cringed under the high pitched squeal, until one volunteer finally solved the issue. Needless to say, everyone was happy to unload at the trailhead and start moving.

The trail started near 9W north of Nyack, and skirted the cliffs along the Hudson for most of the day. The day began with a slight uphill ascent through fallen leaves, allowing students the chance to warm up despite the cold. After thirty minutes of hiking, we reached our first viewpoint and rest space, where the students broke out the quintessential hiking snacks- Cheetos and Extra Spicy Hot Tattis. Volunteers ate their granola bars with envy.

After some more hiking we reached the second peak for the day and our lunch spot. The group enjoyed a beautiful overlook that offered spectacular views of the Hudson, opportunities for bird watching, and a chance for the bravest among them to take a look over the cliff's edge.

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Oct. 25, 2014—Ringwood, NJ

Sometimes it is easy to forget how wonderful hiking during the fall can be. No humidity, mild temperatures with a hint of brisk, cool air, beautiful vibrant hues of browns, oranges, reds and yellows filling the landscape everywhere you turn, and no mosquitoes help make this one of the best times to get outdoors. These were the prime conditions that greeted 15 ELLIS Preparatory Academy and KAPPA International students on the October 25 trip to Wyanokie High Point in the Norvin Green State Forest in New Jersey.

Upon an 8:45am arrival to the high school in Marble Hill all of the kids, volunteers and staff were geared up, excited and ready to go. It had been six months since my last ICO trip with ELLIS (English Language Learners and International Support, led by Krisy) and I was eager for our adventure into unchartered New Jersey territory.

After maneuvering the hilly and wooded back roads near Ringwood, NJ thanks to the combination of a trusty handheld and Google map, we arrived to a bustling parking lot of the former Weis Ecology Center. Any questions of what type of topography laid in front of us to High Point were immediately answered by a toweringly steep hill at the start. Led by Ray’s trusty dog Jasper, first-time hikers like Bronx-native Mahamadou and seasoned vets alike attacked it with excitement and energy, and before you knew it, we were on our way.

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If you were in attendance at the Adventure Film Festival, you saw the premiere of our new NYCICO promo film, created by our very own certified leader Lizzie Hummer.  It is heartwarming, fun, motivational, sweet, and best of all features a bunch of the great students we work with!  I want you to feel free to spread it far and wide- any time someone asks you "what does ICO do?" you can send them this video!  It's visual, comprehensive, and less than a minute long.
Enjoy!  And share!
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