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On November 12th, 2014, come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Boulder, CO homegrown Adventure Film Festival and the second annual New York City celebration. Doors open 6pm, films run 7-9pm (with intermission to enjoy snacks provided by Whole Foods and check out our sponsors) and the evening wraps with a very special VIP hour with food provided by Mezetto.

Grab hold of the tail feathers and transport into a magical universe full of adventurers, athletes, artists and activists sharing their stories of the changing horizon from our backyard to the far-flung reaches of the Earth. Witness gritty, profound, shocking, visceral, and inspiring independent films that manifest the spirit of adventure. Connect with the curious, explore the bizarre, dance until you drop. These journeys and these stories are where dreams are born and legends are made.

The 2014 Adventure Film Festival in New York City is benefiting The Sierra Club Foundation by providing fiscal support to New York City Inspiring Connections Outdoors (NYCICO).  NYCICO is a 100% volunteer-run community outreach program of the Sierra Club that provides opportunities for urban youth to explore and protect the natural world, developing their leadership skills and honing a love of the outdoors.  100% of the evening’s proceeds will go toward: Increasing the number of students served, increasing the number and ambition of trips, purchase new equipment like tents, cooking equipment, safety gear, and more, and provide more training workshops such as Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and youth leadership development.


How Do You Like Them Apples? Ask Ellis and Cat Rock! Print E-mail

Sept. 27, 2014-- Congers, New York

The ICO’s first Ellis High School outing of the fall season was greeted with bright sun, clear skies, and mid-80s temperatures with low humidity — perfect for a day of apple picking in upstate New York followed by a short hike in the Palisades. What made it even more special was that Michelle Brick led the trip to complete her fieldwork and become ICO’s newest certified leader—congrats Michelle!—and it was the first outing for several new volunteers picked up at the August 6th recruitment meeting in SoHo.

The day began with the usual gathering at Ellis and a bus crawl through Bronx traffic to pick up our colleagues and fellow attendees from the CatRock/Sierra Club Youth Leadership group, with whom we shared transportation and parallel activities. After that it was clear sailing, though, and it wasn’t long before we all arrived at Dr. Davies Farm in Congers, NY. The good Dr.’s apple orchard rests at the foot of a giant, rippled slab of brown vertical rock that picked up highlights in the late-morning sun, beckoning the mountain climbers in the group, and contrasting with the lush green grounds and trees to make a beautiful setting. We leisurely filled our bags with fresh-plucked Macintosh, Delicious, Granny Smith, and whatever else was within reach of the long picking poles. Plenty of fresh fruit never made it into the bags, however (yum!) and the lovely Eleanor, the charming two year-old daughter of an Ellis faculty member, was sometimes seen with one apple gripped in each tiny hand.

CampInteractive Summer Summit in Montauk, NY Print E-mail

Saturday, July 19 to July 26th, NYC Inspiring Connections Outdoors assisted CampInteractive on their Summer Young Entrepreneur Summit as they camped out near the beach in Montauk, NY.  Volunteers joined for the weekend activities and some throughout the week.  The students had a great time setting up tents, building a bonfire, building mobile apps, surfing the waves of the Atlantic, kayaking in Fort Pond, hiking out to the Montauk Lighthouse, and much more during this packed week of fun and learning.

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